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Vol 5 (2020) A Case for Identity Hierarchies in Simulating Social Groups Abstract   PDF
A. Platt, A. Kneidl
Vol 6 (2021) A Comparative Study of Flows Through Funnel-Shaped Bottlenecks Placed in the Middle and Corner Abstract   PDF
Hossein Tavana, Kayvan Aghabayk, Karen Boyce
Vol 4 (2019) A Glossary for Research on Human Crowd Dynamics Abstract   PDF
Juliane Adrian, Nikolai Bode, Martyn Amos, Mitra Baratchi, Mira Beermann, Maik Boltes, Alessandro Corbetta, Guillaume Dezecache, John Drury , Zhijian Fu, Roland Geraerts, Steve Gwynne, Gesine Hofinger, Aoife Hunt, Tinus Kanters, Angelika Kneidl, Krisztina Konya, Gerta Köster, Mira Küpper, Georgios Michalareas, Fergus Neville, Evangelos Ntontis, Stephen Reicher, Enrico Ronchi, Andreas Schadschneider, Armin Seyfried, Alastair Shipman, Anna Sieben, Michael Spearpoint, Gavin Brent Sullivan, Anne Templeton, Federico Toschi, Zeynep Yücel, Francesco Zanlungo, Iker Zuriguel, Natalie van der Wal , Frank van Schadewijk, Cornelia von Krüchten, Nanda Wijermans
Vol 5 (2020) A large-scale real-life crowd steering experiment via arrow-like stimuli Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Corbetta, Werner Kroneman, Maurice Donners, Antal Haans, Philip Ross, Marius Trouwborst, Sander Van de Wijdeven, Martijn Hultermans, Dragan Sekulovski, Fedosja van der Heijden, Sjoerd Mentink, Federico Toschi
Vol 5 (2020) A Markov-chain Activity-based Model for Pedestrians in Office Buildings Abstract   PDF
Sanmay Shelat, Winnie Daamen, Bjorn Kaag, Dorine Duives, Serge Hoogendoorn
Vol 6 (2021) A Memory-Based Evacuation Navigation Model in Complex High-Rise Buildings Abstract   PDF
Long Xia, Weiguo Song
Vol 5 (2020) A Method for Joint Estimation of Homogeneous Model Parameters and Heterogeneous Desired Speeds Abstract   PDF
Fredrik Johansson
Vol 5 (2020) A new framework for high-resolution pedestrian data processing using rule-based algorithms and real-time alarm systems Abstract   PDF
Michael Moos, Basil Vitins, Mirwais Tayebi, Lukas Gamper, Julia Wysling, Uri Schtalheim
Vol 3 (2018) A Review of Pedestrian Flow Characteristics and Level of Service over Different Pedestrian Facilities Abstract   PDF
Arunabha Banerjee, Akhilesh Kumar Maurya, Gregor Lämmel
Vol 5 (2020) A study of evacuation efficiency of a hopper-shape exit by using mice under high competition Abstract   PDF
Lin Peng, Wang Guoyuan, Wu Fanyu, Gao Dongli
Vol 5 (2020) Accurate pedestrian localization in overhead depth images via Height-Augmented HOG Abstract   PDF
Werner Kroneman, Alessandro Corbetta, Federico Toschi
Vol 1 (2016) Age and Group-driven Pedestrian Behaviour: from Observations to Simulations Abstract   PDF
Andrea Gorrini, Giuseppe Vizzari, Stefania Bandini
Vol 5 (2020) Agent Based Modelling and Simulation of Pedestrian Crowds in Panic Situations Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Alrashed, Jeff Shamma
Vol 5 (2020) An Artificial Neural Network Framework for Pedestrian Walking Behavior Modeling and Simulation Abstract   PDF
Peter Kielar, André Borrmann
Vol 5 (2020) Analysis of Built Environment Influence on Pedestrian route choice behavior in Dutch Design Week using GPS Data Abstract   PDF
Yanan Liu, Dujuan Yang, Bauke de Vries, Harry J.P. Timmermans
Vol 5 (2020) Analysis of distracted pedestrians’ waiting time: Head-Mounted Immersive Virtual Reality application Abstract   PDF
Arash Kalatian, Anae Sobhani, Bilal Farooq
Vol 5 (2020) Analysis on Alighting and Boarding Movement Laws in Subway Using Modified Social Force Model Abstract   PDF
Feng Chen, Yongxin Gao, Zijia Wang, Yan Liu
Vol 5 (2020) Anomaly Detection of Pedestrian Flow: A Machine Learning Method for Monitoring-Data of Visitors to a Building Abstract   PDF
Kentaro Kumagai
Vol 5 (2020) Application of Ensemble Kalman Filter to Pedestrian Flow Abstract   PDF
Fumiya Togashi, Takashi Misaka, Rainald Löhner, Shigeru Obayashi
Vol 1 (2016) Autonomous Decentralized Control of Traffic Signals that can Adapt to Changes in Traffic Abstract   PDF
Takeshi Kano, Yuki Sugiyama, Akio Ishiguro
Vol 5 (2020) Bridging the gap Why we need to enhance current simulation models Abstract   PDF
Kneidl Angelika
Vol 5 (2020) Can we learn where people go? Abstract   PDF
Marion Gödel, Gerta Köster, Daniel Lehmberg, Manfred Gruber, Angelika Kneidl, Florian Sesser
Vol 5 (2020) Cellular Automata Intersection Model Abstract   PDF
Tim Peter Erich Vranken, Michael Schreckenberg
Vol 3 (2018) Characteristics of Stop and Go Wave in One Dimensional Interrupted Pedestrian Flow Through Narrow Channel Abstract   PDF
H. Gayathri, Siddhartha Gulhare, Ashish Verma
Vol 5 (2020) Comparing Different Metrics Quantifying Pedestrian Safety Abstract   PDF
Arne Hillebrand, Han Hoogeveen, Roland Geraerts
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