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Vol 5 (2020) Concept of a Decision-Based Pedestrian Model Abstract   PDF
Cornelia von Krüchten, Andreas Schadschneider
Vol 5 (2020) Congestion in Computational Evacuation Modelling Abstract   PDF
Volker Schneider, Rainer Könnecke
Vol 1 (2016) Coordination Game in Bidirectional Flow Abstract   PDF
Daichi Yanagisawa
Vol 5 (2020) Correlations in Spatiotemporal Headway Dynamics of Road Traffic Using Extremely Accurate Microscopic Empirical Data Abstract   PDF
Maximilian Kumm, Michael Schreckenberg
Vol 5 (2020) Crowding and Queuing in Entrance Scenarios: Influence of Corridor Width in Front of Bottlenecks Abstract   PDF
Juliane Adrian, Maik Boltes, Stefan Holl, Anna Sieben, Armin Seyfried
Vol 5 (2020) Data archive for exploring pedestrian dynamics and its application in dimensioning of facilities for multidirectional streams Abstract   PDF
Maik Boltes, Stefan Holl, Armin Seyfried
Vol 5 (2020) Decentralized Control for Self-driving Cars That can Freely Move on Two-dimensional Plane Abstract   PDF
Takeshi Kano, Mayuko Iwamoto, Daishin Ueyama
Vol 5 (2020) Determination of pedestrian’s personal space in mass religious gatherings - A case study of Kumbh Mela Abstract   PDF
Aparna P M, Karthika Sobhana, Ashish Verma
Vol 5 (2020) Dynamic Guidance by Colored Running Lights and Affordance: Route Choices of Adults and Older Children Abstract   PDF
Laura Künzer, Robert Zinke, Gesine Hofinger
Vol 5 (2020) Effect of architectural adjustments on pedestrian flow at bottleneck Abstract   PDF
Jianyu Wang, Jian Ma, Peng Lin
Vol 5 (2020) Efficient Quantification of Model Uncertainties When De-boarding a Train Abstract   PDF
Florian Künzner, Tobias Neckel, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Felix Dietrich, Gerta Köster
Vol 5 (2020) Empirical Findings from an Ascending Stair Evacuation Exercise in a Subway Station Abstract   PDF
Helmut Schrom-Feiertag, Thomas Matyus, Martin Stubenschrott, Stefan Seer
Vol 5 (2020) Estimating social relation from trajectories Abstract   PDF
Zeynep Yucel, Francesco Zanlungo, Claudio Feliciani, Adrien Gregorj, Takayuki Kanda
Vol 5 (2020) Evacuation characteristics of preschool children through bottlenecks Abstract   PDF
Jun Zhang, Hongliu Li, Hongliu Li, Yanghui Hu, Yanghui Hu, Weiguo Song, Weiguo Song
Vol 5 (2020) Evacuation Data from a Hospital Outpatient Drill The Case Study of North Shore Hospital Abstract   PDF
Anass Rahouti, Ruggiero Lovreglio, Phil Jackson, Sélim Datoussaïd
Vol 5 (2020) Evacuation Guidance Design: An Experimental Study Based on Eye Tracking Devices Abstract   PDF
Ning Ding, Tao Chen, Yuan Liu
Vol 5 (2020) Experimental Investigation of Pedestrian Dynamics in Circle Antipode Experiments Abstract   PDF
Yao Xiao, Rui Jiang, Ziyou Gao, Xingang Li, Yunchao Qu
Vol 5 (2020) Experimental Study of Collective Pedestrian Dynamics Abstract   PDF
Cécile Appert-Rolland, Julien Pettré, Anne-Hélène Olivier, William Warren, Aymeric Duigou-Majumdar, Etienne Pinsard, Alexandre Nicolas
Vol 5 (2020) Experimental study on mixed traffic flow of bicycles and pedestrians Abstract   PDF
Ning Guo, Rui Jiang, SC Wong, Qing-Yi Hao, Shu-Qi Xue, Yao Xiao, Chao-Yun Wu
Vol 5 (2020) Experimental study on the evading behaviour of single pedestrians encountering an obstacle Abstract   PDF
Xiaolu Jia, Claudio Feliciani, Daichi Yanagisawa, Katsuhiro Nishinari
Vol 5 (2020) Experimental study on the influence of background music on pedestrian movement in high densities Abstract   PDF
Guang Zeng, Andreas Schadschneider, Jun Zhang, Weiguo Song
Vol 5 (2020) Experimental Study on Variation Strategies for Complex Social Pedestrian Groups in Conflict Conditions Abstract   PDF
Xiaolei Zou, Xiaoyi Qu, Ruihua Xu
Vol 4 (2019) Exploring the Effect of Train Design Features on the Boarding and Alighting Time by Laboratory Experiments Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Seriani, Taku Fujiyama
Vol 5 (2020) Extracting Crowd Velocities at High Density Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Baqui, Rainald Löhner
Vol 5 (2020) Field Theory in Practice Abstract   PDF
José Méndez Omaña
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