Special section on: "Traffic Flow: data, theory, model, solution"

Special section on

Traffic Flow: data, theory, model, solution”


This special section is composed of selected and extended contributions to the "Traffic and Granular Flow" conference held from 27th to 30th October 2015 in Delft, the Netherlands.


Scope of topics and interest

Traffic congestion can cause many societal problems. Road congestion leads to traffic delays, noise and pollution. For pedestrian traffic, an excess demand can cause unsafe situations. In these cases of high demand (e.g. during large events or in large transfer stations), crowd management is needed.

Traffic can be approached from many different angles. The scope for papers in this special issue is on flows of vehicles and pedestrians, from the perspective of the individual particle/agent and from the aggregate flow perspective. Also engineering solutions to solve problems arising due to these flows fall within the scope.

The scope of the special issue covers the following areas:

  • Highway vehicular traffic dynamics
  • Urban traffic dynamics
  • Pedestrian and evacuation dynamics
  • Intelligent traffic systems (ITS)
  • Crowd management

Advancements can be made at different levels. The special issue is open for contributions on:

  • Experiments
  • Data analysis
  • Theories
  • Models


Important dates

First submission deadline: 31 May 2016
Notification of first decision: 31 August 2016
Revision submission deadline: 15 October 2016
Notification of final decision: 1 December 2016
Final manuscripts deadline: 1 February 2017

The online journal allows a publication, as soon the final manuscript is available. 


Manuscript submission

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Guest editors:

Dr. Victor L. Knoop, v.l.knoop@tudelft.nl
Delft University of Technology

Dr. ir. Winnie Daamen
Delft University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schadschneider
Universität zu Köln

Prof. Dr. Armin Seyfried
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH / Bergische Universität Wuppertal