Experimental Study on Variation Strategies for Complex Social Pedestrian Groups in Conflict Conditions

Xiaolei Zou, Xiaoyi Qu, Ruihua Xu


The paper concentrates on an experimental study of the variation strategies of complex social pedestrian groups in conflict conditions. We tracked the trajectories of group members and analysed the configuration of both the complex group and its subgroups when the groups walked through a narrowing passage, passed by an obstacle or faced counter flows. We summarized the variation strategies of complex groups when they faced these conflict conditions. The effect of groups on the crowd was also studied. It was found that groups could have significant effect on self-organization of the crowd. The results in the paper could be applied in modelling pedestrian group decision and behaviour and analysing crowd dynamics.


variation strategies; complex social pedestrian groups; group behavior; self-organization; conflict conditions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17815/CD.2020.55

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